Friday, August 14, 2015

W30 day 8

I'm writing this post while snacking on raw cashews, dried apples and toasted coconut flakes. I realize I'm not that hungry but I needed a little something. Maybe it's because it's Friday night and it's a habit. No need to beat myself up but noticing when and why I want to eat is a good thing! Plus my snack is awesome.

Meal 1

Matt made breakfast this morning, what a guy. Egg pie heavy on the arugula with salami, peppers, green onion and tomatoes. Half and avocado, fresh radishes and a couple of slices of papaya.

Meal 2

Amazing leftovers lunch. Beef roast that I cocked in the slow cooker yesterday, that beet salad that just won't quit, radishes and peppers and sprouts. Yum!

Meal 3

Mixed fish burger (turbot, salmon, cod), caramelized onion guacamole, salad.

For the guac I slowly cooked a diced onion in some olive oil, added a clove of minced garlic, a tablespoon of mustard seeds and some curry. I added that into my guac with lime juice and tomatoes. Delightful! I kind of miss dips so this hit the spot.

A couple more transformations:

-I really really really taste the flavours for fruits and vegetable now. It's like a hypersensitivity to tastes. I had a pea today and was like omg soooo sweet!

-So you know that line of back fat where the waist meets the hips? That's gone.

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