Thursday, August 20, 2015

W30 day 14

Here's a non scale victory! My face deflated. See ya never, double chin!
I posted these pics on a fb w30 group and got lots of likes and encouraging comments. Feels great!

Meal 1

So happy to have some different flavours with the egg muffins. So savoury and doesn't scream egg right at your tastbuds. My son and I shared this meal. He loves whole30 too!

Meal 2

I had lunch at a friend's house and she was gracious enough to ask lots of questions to see if everything she was preparing was compliant. What a sweetheart! We had a big salad with pan fried chicken, with watermelon.

Meal 3

Dinner was fantastic! Fried plantains with yellow pepper and onion in Palm oil, pork and apple meatballs with my bbq sauce and some baby kale and arugula with balsamic and evoo. What a difference a 10$ vinegar makes to a salad. Scrumptious and worth spending on since now we're not spending 20-40$ a week on booze. 

Tomorrow I'll be half way through this eating challenge. I've decided to keep blogging through the 16 day reintroduction phase to keep a sort of food journal documenting my body's reactions to possibly sensitive foods. Then, once I know what agrees with my body in terms of not causing bloating, weight gain or cravings, I will eat 7 days whole30 then one day "regular" eating. I suspect regular to me will look very different than it did before whole30.

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