Thursday, August 6, 2015

Siemprelalia is doing a Whole30

Hey! It's been a while. In the meantime, I got married and had a kid and gained oh about 40 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. And it is STILL NOT GONE even a year post partum. Even with exercise. Even with eating a "balanced diet"...AND I live with CHRONIC BACK PAIN. Therefore I can't live like this anymore so am going to do the whole30 program starting tomorrow.

I really hope eating whole food and omitting inflammatory foods will help me on the path to wellness. I will post a pic of my prep or my meals every day for 30 days. I'm hoping that you follow along and that you will encourage me! I can't wait to feel better inside and out.

Almost whole30 but finishing my bean salad. Legumes are actually a big part of my diet and I hope I won't miss them too much.

Prepped a Napa cabbage and apple salad with a spicy dressing made of Korean chilli powder, ginger, onion/garlic/ginger paste, toasted sesame oil, evoo, lime juice and coconut aminos. Delish!

Also prepped roasted cauliflower and broccoli with lemon infused olive oil and more onion/garlic/ginger paste.

I "said goodbye" to all the forbidden foods last night. Sugar, carbs, dairy and booze were all on the menu. Tasted great but this morning I awoke to major pain in my back and elbows. I think there is something to this...


  1. Way to go! Changing the way you eat is very difficult. My weakness is dairy and wine. Hehe. Sending you positive and encouraging vibes! I had also put on 40 lbs, I've lost 30 but still have that last 10 and it's really hard.

  2. Thanks, Danielle! So far I feel amazing with this way of eating. I will definitely carefully consider what I add back into my diet once I am done the 30 days. I won't miss dairy if it affects me negatively...well...maybe cheese!