Friday, June 24, 2011

food revival

Must. Keep. Blog. Alive. I recently read somewhere that blogs are written to be abandoned eventually, but I am not ready for the death of this blog quite yet. So get ready for a magic carpet ride to Au Pied De Cochon!

My friend Mel and I decided to treat ourselves to a delicious celebratory meal. This dinner did not disappoint.

We sat at the bar. Having arrived at 5pm with no reservation, we were allowed to dine until 7:30. The place was packed by 5:45. With good reason of course!

This was by no means a vegetarian meal APDC prides itself on preparing all meats to the highest standard. Here we have duck carpaccio. I had no idea a raw animal could taste to vegetal, green and fresh. Must have been the minced chives and the extremely tasty olive oil.

You make your own mayonnaise to go with the duck by mashing that raw egg with the oil and dots of dijon.

This, people, is CALAMARI POUTINE. Omfg you guys. I fawned over the crisp squid, and declared it "lemonized". They somehow infused the citrus taste inside the batter or in the squid itself. Amazing. Those fries are cooked in duck fat and crisply perfect. That there gravy is the squid's ink turned into a tangy gravy, which complemented the calamari and fries perfectly. But wait, we forgot about the cheese curds until they were discovered at the bottom of the dish. Cheese plus squid equals deliciousness times ten. Holy mother.

The ink gravy was hardcore. Can you tell we liked this dish?

This was the most "meh" dish of the lot. Basically I learned that I don't like eating veal's heart. Nice try though!

The veal gnocchi was a hit. The potato pasta was pillowy and soft like dumplings. The veal was melt-in-your-mouth tender with a deep tomato base, and reminded me off all good things my grandma makes at a Sunday dinner.

When dinner was done a sun shower awaited us outside. Perfectly warm sunny summer rain. Ahhhh.

Fully formed DOUBLE RAINBOW. I yelled "double rainbow !!!" about a hundred times while walking in the rain.