Friday, March 19, 2010

post apocalyptic potluck

Hello food loving people! Holy crap, last time I was writing there was snow on the ground and everything looked and felt different. Now things are different from that last different and everything will never be the same. But there is food! Food is good. Rocky came home from a prolonged absence and we were due for a spring time potluck. On the menu was homemade salsa, my grandma's baked rice, but jazzed up with tofu, scalloped potatoes with fennel and gouda courtesy of the most wonderful roommate in the world, tomato quiche, fancy cheese plate, homemade jalapeno poppers, mom-style coleslaw and banana bread with bananas foster and chewy molasses ginger cookies. I love my friends, and I love that they love to eat!

This is all you need for salsa. Add some salt and some olive oil and you're ready to inhale with corn chips.

In the process, Rocky is suitably impressed with my mad cutting skillz.

As Rocky pondered what to make for potluck, I mentioned she had loads of potatoes in the pantry and suggested she make scalloped potatoes. I was thinking your basic cream, butter and cheese business but oh no, she took it to the next level. Fennel, fennel seeds and gouda cheese made this dish smell divine as it was baking and really, how can one not enjoy potatoes cooked in whipping cream?

These potatoes changed my life.

A peaceful pre-potluck interlude with rearranged furniture...

Summer in my bones.

Jalapenos getting ready to become poppers!

Melanie popperizes the peppers with cream cheese, chevre and other delicious things.

Just heavenly...if heaven tastes like a mexican fiesta of flavors with the devilish surprise of the odd fiery pepper...most of the are mild, but sometimes you get that one that sets you on fire.

Yummy fun!