Friday, August 7, 2015

W30 Day 1

Meal 1: my regular "egg pie" (frittata finished under broiler) but without cheese, containing zucchini, onion, orange pepper, tomato with W30 compliant pepperoni (organic fermes Valent no sugar no nitrates). Napa cabbage salad and a quarter avocado. I could have used a little more egg pie, was hungry 2 hours later.

Meal 2: a lunch of baked chicken breast with hot sauce, marinated vegetables and a black kale and carrot salad with coconut amino and balsamic dressing. Yum! No complaints here.

In the afternoon I guess I would eat something sweet or carby while the baby naps. I drank mango tea. Not really difficult.

Meal 3: supper was so good! Beef kofta with tahini/lemon/coconut aminos/nutritional yeast and all thinned out with water. Amazing. Sides of salad with marinated veg, roasted cauliflower and broccoli, roasted potatoes with onions and chilli flakes. Was so full right away.

The three of us ate half of this beaut of a papaya with lime juice squirted on it. Since my friend Jen taught me this I've absolutely loved papaya--great contrast in flavours!

Activities today were 30 minutes normal walking and 30 minutes normal biking, just to get around, nothing crazy.

Today wasn't difficult. I love that I can eat fruit if I want to. The food tastes great and if I can keep up with the prep eating well will keep being relatively easy. 

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