Thursday, August 27, 2015

W30 day 21

Three whole weeks. It is getting easier as routines become habits. Like getting up in the morning and starting to chop veggies right away. Taking stock of what's in the fridge and replenishing veggies. Chopping, prepping, cleaning. It's all becoming the new normal. And this is coming from someone who likes to cook! This program challenges in that you learn to prep and cook while thinking outside the box. Don't get me wrong, you can still have some traditional comfort meals like shepherds pie, bean-less chill etc but overall this way of eating deviates greatly from the S.A.D. (Standard American diet). 

Meal 1

Standard egg pie with red pepper, onion and tonnes of chopped basil (all that green stuff is basil). Half a banana with almond butter and homemade baba ganoush. My son adored the baba ganoush, he must have eaten a cup of it throughout the day. The kid loves cumin!

Meal 2

Leftover chicken cacciatore with zoodles and cukes with baba. My problem here is that I did not add a fat (something I still struggle with--I'm jus not used to adding fat to cooked food!). As a result I was very hungry about 2 hours later. I held off until dinner.

Meal 3

Still steaming hot in the pic! Shrimp cooked in coconut oil with homemade cashew pesto, a splash of coconut milk, arugula and zoodles. Cauliflower rice made with coconut aminos, and a load of turmeric and shredded coconut as my fat. Handful of grapes with this.

I feel like before whole30 I functioned at 50% capacity and now I'm wholly functioning, mentally, physically and even emotionally. I even noticed and relished the feeling of being able to curl up around myself when sitting on the couch. Three weeks ago I would have dreaded sitting down because of the pain and would have carefully maneuvered myself in and out of position. How sad! How great that I can move again. Thank you healthy food for healing me!


  1. How are you feeling at this point, Lia? I have never heard of this 30 day thing - can you link me to the info? Once I'm back from Spain maybe I'll try it! :) Cheers

    1. I feel awesome, Hailey! I highly recommend this challenge. You can find more info on