Monday, August 24, 2015

W30 day 18

Not many photos today. But an awesome Non Scale Victory: I AM PAIN FREE! I have had lower back pain for 13 months straight. Taking Motrin every day, massages 2x a month and frequent osteopath visits. Nothing helped for more than 24hrs. I'm so happy to be living without pain! I feel amazing!

Meal 1 

Amazingly I got to sleep in until almost 10 today so breakfast was late. I ran to the store to get plantains and compliant garlic sausage. Fried those up with olive oil and had it on mixed greens with avocado.

Meal 2

I wasn't hungry for lunch and was in the car during that time so I had a handful of almonds and a date and coconut chew.

Meal 3

Finally home and taking photos again! A replay of breakfast plus red pepper.

Day 19 tomorrow! I'll be able to start counting down. The only thing I hope to enjoy again is some wine and some dark chocolate! In the meantime I bought some chocolate orange tea to tie me over. 

If you are feeling in pain, sluggish, sore or just looking to find out how optimally your body can function, give Whole30 a try. It is such a good experiment to see how great you can feel. For example, I always thought I slept well but now when I fall asleep barely anything wakes me up. You know how you never seem to sleep as well when not in your own bed? I've found I can sleep well anywhere and I wake up refreshed.

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