Sunday, August 16, 2015

W30 day 10

Double digits! I made it. I'm very mad because I was on a roll and my post froze and then I lost everything. I was zingy and all and now I don't feel like recreating the magic. Anyway I talked about my lack of appetite at mealtimes and then the subsequent hulk/maniac I turn into before the next meal. Is this normal? Day 9-10 was full of kill all the things. I have very little patience any more. Was sugar making me patient? What the hell, man?

Anyway look at the food I bought prepped made ate and cleaned up:

Meal 1

This is a very poorly taken photos of my breakfast. I couldn't have centred it a little more? I was probably too hungry to care. I think I eat breakfast too late. How much time should one wait before eating once they've woken up? I usually wait at least 2 hours. Probably a bad idea.

Scrambled eggs with zucchini noodle all up in there, Toulouse sausages, tomatoes. Sick of eggs but they always go down well.

Meal 2

No pic of lunch as I was at the splash park with friends and kids and having too much fun. I wasn't hungry at lunch as it was so hot out. I brought lots to eat but ended up having a small salad with balsamic and evoo with a handful of cashews, coconut and dried apples.

Snack was half a banana with a tablespoon of almond butter. Thinking this snack caused a major blood sugar surge as I was very hungry about an hour later and hulk/maniac set in. I may have thrown a water bottle, not sure.

Meal 3

Phew! So relieved to be eating at this point. Slow cooked chicken, sweet pot hash, salad with seeds and asparagus. It was amazing.

Let's see what day 11 brings on. Maybe I need to start taking rhodiola or some mood herb because things don't feel right. I still have lots of kill all the things moments. Overall I'm happy with how and what I am eating so I don't know why my body is still getting stressed about it!

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