Tuesday, August 18, 2015

W30 day 12

Twelve days sounds like a lot of days to me. I have to admit I cheated today...I looked at the scale. I don't know why I did it, but I wanted to know what my body changes amounted to in weight form. I don't think the weight matters so I won't post it now. I am glad I didn't feel "proud" of the number because this way of eating is so much more than a number. I felt that the number represented change though, and that is a good thing!

Another thing that happened was an accidental cheat. I grabbed Matt's coffee cup by accident and drank maybe half a cup, quarter cup of coffee with cream, thinking it was coconut milk. I don't know if at the end of these 30 days I'll be more tolerant to dairy, but it caused me some uncomfortable bathroom situations. I felt all watery inside, ugh!

On that disgusting note, let's have a look at food.

Meal 1

Egg pie with kale, green onion, tomatoes, basil, yellow pepper and salami. Cabbage slaw and a side of watermelon. Officially sick of eggs.

Meal 2

A bit of a repeat of meal 1 plus shredded chicken. I notice my meals are getting smaller but I'm staying full. Technically I guess I need less food now that I have shed some pounds.

Meal 3

Affectionately know as "cabbage slop" in our house, it's basically a deconstructed cabbage roll. Google it. Make it. Love it. It's a hit around here! Baby was smacking his lips and demanding more and husband was saying how much he had missed this dish. I used to make it a lot when I was eating low carb.

So there you have it! A couple of cheats, getting back on the wagon and going to continue for another 18 days, if not longer! 


  1. Hallo Lia! almost halfway through your w30! I'm just wondering if you're noticing any improvement in your wellness so far? keep it up. it's nice to see new posts from you! maybe it'll inspire new dinner choices; I feel like I've been decreasing in diversity with the same token meals always appearing in the weekly rotation. kinda hard to make food everyone will want to eat when you have 2 picky eaters...
    ps: we're big fans of the deconstructed cabbage roll (we affectionately call it unstuffed cabbage).

    1. Hey LJ! Yes, lots of improvements for sure! Since starting the W30 I haven't needed Advil at all for pain. I really taste food now. No cravings, more energy, improved sleep, no seasonal allergies, less gassy in general...and weirdly enough my teeth are always smooth feeling instead of fuzzy from sugar. I am less bloated, I lost weight and my face is slimmer. No negatives to this diet except going to the store a lot to buy eggs haha. I need a laying hen!

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