Sunday, August 30, 2015

W30 day 24

Man this day was long! I can't think of any reason why except that my toddler is teething and I went 2 hours without eating upon waking. Oh and pms. Ugh.

Meal 1

Husband cooked breakfast, yay! I had baby duty. Pesto eggs--pretty great, a must try. Pork shoulder crisped up in coconut oil, avocado for fat and sweet pot. Amazing.

A tasty meal when my kid finally napped. Shepherds pie with beet slaw and roasted cashews and coconut for the fat. 

Meal 3

I wasn't hungry for this meal even though I went 6 hours without eating. Oh, I did have a coffee snack: coffee with coconut milk and some cocoa powder shaken with ice. The fat from the milk must have held me. Anyway, I couldn't finish this meal. Zucchini noodles with organic pork and beef sauce, made with my homemade roasted tomatoes. Olives for fat.

Feeling a little bummed today becuase the pms is making me look bloated and pregnant. And I'm sooooo tired. Where did my tiger blood go? 

Tomorrow should be fun though, going to a village to swim in a lake! Roasted a chicken after dinner to have food to eat for our picnic lunch. I'm finding that meals are easy to plan since I have a whole30 template I follow. 

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