Thursday, August 13, 2015

W30 day 7

Woohoo I made it a week! Feeling good! I've been noticing some transformations...sleep is good, mood is stable and energy and motivation are high. My wedding ring almost fits--it's been too tight for over a year. I hope my feet shrink too, I have lots of shoes I can't wear post pregnancy. 

Meal 1

Eggs, rashers, roasted broccoli, tomatoes. Fast and good.

Meal 2

This meal was good but wasn't big enough. I was starving by the time I had this as I waited about 4.5 hours between meals with no snack. I should have had a whole avocado and more salad. 

Meal 3

Mmm, first slow cooker meal on w30! Organic pork roasted in my paleo bbq sauce with baby potatoes, roasted asparagus and Rosemary's delicious contribution to our meal: fennel apple and herb purple cabbage slaw. Such a good dinner. We had coconut butter off a spoon for desert. That stuff is incredible.

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