Saturday, August 8, 2015

W30 day 2

Woot! Another day of good eating. According to the whole30 book I am supposed to be tired and hungover feeling. The only thing I noticed was that I was able to actually sleep when allowed to sleep in by my loving husband. So that was great. Other than that, very thirsty today, but it is hot out so who knows? I like that I'm not crazy hungry all the time which thinking back, I was on Atkins which is similar but allows dairy. Could dairy have been making me hungry back then? In any case, glad I am not hungry all the time nor am I "hangry" which I often was as a vegetarian. Hmmm maybe I am onto something here.

What I ate today;

Leftover egg pie, marinated veggies, baby kale and half an avocado. Coffee with that.

Somehow my phone didn't take a picture of my lunch even though I did take a photo! Anyway it was leftovers from supper: kofta with tahini sauce, roasted potatoes and kale salad. Tasted even better than yesterday!

Matt made these awesome chicken sausage patties with apples and herbs and I made a paleo bbq sauce. With that we had leftover Napa cabbage salad and kale salad. A quarter avocado and cucumber on the side. We all loved dinner! Recipes below.

Sausage patties recipe:

Bbq sauce:

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