Monday, August 17, 2015

W30 day 11

Hit the sweet spot today. No kill all the things, no irritation. Phew! A nice break.

Meal 1

Husband made breakfast this morning at a decent hour. I also ate 1/4 of banana with 1 tablespoon almond butter and put coconut milk in my coffee so that helped tie me over and keep the hulk at bay.

Meal 2

I made us a mishmash of stuff. Leftover marinated veg on a bed of baby kale. Stir fried a zucchini with shredded chicken and green onion with my homemade paleo bbq sauce. All was random but very tasty.

Meal 3

Italian sausages, fresh peppers, carrot apple and cabbage salad, sweet potato and onion hash cooked in palm oil. Delicious!

Nothing out of the ordinary to report: feeling good all day is hopefully the new normal. Matt keeps encouraging me by telling me how many days until it's over but I honestly don't feel like I need to stop or am dying of deprivation. The only things I miss (but don't crave at all) are wine and ice cream which I am sure I'll be able to have in moderation if it doesn't affect my cravings. I'm really enjoying not obsessing about food and cravings. Even though this blog is called think about food, it's nice to be free from the question of what to eat. This is a straightforward plan and makes it easy to eat healthily.

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