Sunday, August 23, 2015

W30 day 16

Forgot to post yesterday! I only have one photo--oops!

Meal 1

Friday's uneaten lunch was breakfast yesterday. Baked chicken thighs with curry mustard rub, avocado, olives and  balsamic evoo dressing.

Meal 2

I had lunch with the girls and we ate at The Works in Ottawa which went really well. They have a very transparent approach to their menu, which I was able to peruse beforehand online in order to slect a compliant meal. I had a big salad with a burger patty and brought my own dressing. So good!

Meal 3

Thus one was a little tough as everyone ate homemade pizza (a favourite of mine in the past). It's not really that I wanted to eat it, it's that the sweet, yeasty smell of it baking turned my stomach. 
I ate compliant sausages on the bbq and salad. It was good!

Staying with family for one more day and night and I hope I can find things to eat! 

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