Tuesday, September 1, 2015

W30 day 26

Wow, day 26! I think I slayed my sugar dragon. No cravings at all for a few weeks now, not many after day 15. In the beginning I didn't want to look at forbidden foods at the grocery store. But now I shop and go down the aisles I need and sort of feel bad for the folks buying only boxed food/smug that my cart is all green and colourful fruits with cans of olives.

Meal 1

A big morning for us! My baby went to daycare for the first time. I needed to eat well but was out of eggs, so I whipped up leftover hash. It consisted of sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, pulled chicken, pulled pork, spinach and avocado on top. It was great! My son had fun at daycare and when I picked him up he was happily eating lunch (not whole30 but what are ya gonna do).

Meal 2

Quickly made a salad for lunch: chicken warmed up with hot sauce, olives and tahini sauce for fat.

Meal 3

I wasn't very hungry but managed most of this. Plantains, peppers, onions and chicken stir fry in coconut oil with cumin and salsa. Salad with avocado and olives.

Throughout the day I ate some fruits, a few grapes and half a Lara bar.

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