Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 32

Day 2 of reintro went well, since all I had to do was eat compliantly. Yesterday I had wine, and I have felt tired today but I'm attributing that to menses rather than wine. I also felt cranky after a walk but it's 40 degrees outside and I had to cart a kid up a flight of stairs with grocery bags and sweat in my eyes so pretty sure it's that and not wine.

Meal 1

Husband made this while I slept in (ie hid in bedroom from toddler while drinking coffee and watching I am Cait). Egg pie with bacon rashers inside it, peppers, onions, arugula and fresh basil. Asian slaw and watermelon that I actually found to be too sweet. Wow, tastebuds on LSD.

Meal 2

Classic tuna salad. I've taken to this lunch option. I have it a lot and it always makes me happy.

Meal 3

Husband cooked from Whole30 recipe book. Baked cod with roasted pepper and mushroom salsa. In our case it was baked sole. Really good! I can see using the salsa, which is more like a stirfry on top of anything: shrimps, steaks...
Sweet potato hash which is really just caramelized sweet pot in coconut oil. Tasted like desert. Salad and roasted salted cashews from Prana. The cashews were so much better than the ones from the cheap grocery store. Damn you expensive health food nuts! I'm going to do nuts as my fat more often as I am officially. Sick. Of avocados.

Looking forward to going shopping for more produce and meat later this week. I like having options.

Tomorrow is another day of regular whole 30 eating, then I will decide what to reintroduce.

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