Saturday, September 5, 2015

W30 day 30!!!

I did it! This was truly a big commitment but so worth it for my wellbeing. I cooked a LOT, chopped lots of veggies, and probably at 5 dozen eggs in these 30 days. We went through 2 litres of olive oil, over 30 avocados. I tasted jicama for the first time. I learned to make baba ganoush. My tastebuds are more sensitive--no savoury food requires sugar anymore for flavouring, like marinades and dressings. All that is sugar free now. Treats are apple or banana with almond butter. Dates and toasted coconut are sinfully delicious. Lara bar equals chocolate bar. I don't miss dairy. I don't miss bread, rice, tortillas or all the other grain foods I thought I'd be pining for. Still looking forward to my glass of wine tomorrow, though!

Meal 1

Husband made breakfast. Yummy fried eggs with sweet pots, bacon rashers and fried tomatoes. I forgot the fat so that meant I was hungry 3 hours later instead of the usual 5.

Meal 2

Lunch was scrumptious. I mastered plantain fries cooked in palm oil. Asian slaw and red peppers rolled in compliant salami dipped in mustard. Avocado on the side for fat.

Meal 3

No photo as we went out to a piri piri place for charcoal grilled chicken. I enquires about the sauce and it is compliant. Had it with salad sans dressing and oven potatoes. I'm thinking the potatoes had no no's in them because I feel so full.

Tomorrow I weigh in and report on all my victories!

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