Friday, September 4, 2015

W30 day 29

Tomorrow is my last day of whole30! I can't wait to weight myself and report back on that and my non scale victories as well! I'll do a recap and post my goals for reintroduction too.

Meal 1

Breakfast was quick and awesome. Leftover cauliflower rice, which my son adores by the way, hard boiled egg and leftover sausage with a bit of avocado.

Meal 2

Lunch was a bit odd because at first I felt really hungry, but as I prepared this I completely lost my appetite. I picked at this salad and could only finish half. My appetite and ability to scarf down food has completely changed. The salad had arugula, hard boiled egg, olives, crispy prosciutto and shredded chicken. Evoo and balsamic dressing.

Meal 3

Dinner was delicious. I unfortunately over cooked the pork in the slow cooker, so it was dry, but the the flavour was on point. With it we had some baked sweet potatoes. I also made an Asian style slaw with cabbage, cuke, celery and carrot. The dressing consists of a splash of sesame oil, the juice of a lime, coconut aminos, olive oil, a bit of coconut milk and lots of Korean red pepper powder. It was definitely the highlight of the meal. 
Eating this way has become the new normal and I am really looking forward with a bit of trepidation about how to eat long term. I think I'll do reintro and then go back to w30 but with occasional off plan eating. The only things I can see really wanting are dark chocolate, wine and coconut bliss ice cream. I don't miss anything else. Crazy! I thought I'd at least be sad about cheese or baguette, but no.

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