Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 33

Just a normal day eating whole30 style. The only annoying part of the day is that I was super unmotivated at work. It's so hot out and I made the mistake of working from home so lots of procrastinating happened. Tomorrow is a new day and I plan on leaving the house to work! 
I also had a tight chest, anxiety-like heart fluttering. I think my herbal supplement I'm taking might be causing it.

Meal 1

This breakfast was awesome. I can't believed I lived all my life without cashew butter until today. I've been missing out!

Meal 2

The beloved tuna salad. Never disappoints!

Meal 3

Beanless slow cooker chili and an avocado. I didn't have enough starchy veg today so I'm already hungry! It's gonna be a long night. I might have to eat some more chili just to tide me over.

I'm going out to dinner Friday and I want to be able to test out either dairy or gluten, so I might just skip reintro until then, otherwise the schedule will be off. But, maybe I will treat myself to some coconut bliss before then!

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