Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 31


Today I look back on all the improvements I saw on w30. I finally weighed myself and lost 11lbs. I feel so much better now than I did 30 days ago:

- 90% less back pain
-less bloated
-great digestion
-great energy
-awesome mental outlook, like the feeling  that I am able to tackle any problem or any task without worry
-I learned that if I am stressed I want to eat
-I broke the habit of snacking
-stopped eating after dinner
-no cravings!
-no obsessing about food
-no guilt about what I am putting in my body
-tried new veggies
-learned new recipes
-I was able to commit to something that benefits my health
-improved sleep, waking rested 
-sounds weird, but my eyesight improved
-I really love that the 30 days made healthy eating seem normal and become habitual. 

Before and day15 face

So there you have it! I'm still taking pictures of my meals as I am still eating compliantly as I reintro different foods.

Meal 1

Hard boiled egg, Toulouse sausage, avocado (unripe, sob!) and some lettuce to make wraps with all that stuff. I also had Starbucks coffee (yay!) made at home with coconut milk. 

Meal 2

Picnic style at the park so no photo. I had Asian slaw, Toulouse sausage, plantain chips and guac and my beloved glass of white wine. It was terrific but not as awesome as I was anticipating. I'm pretty sure it was the fact that I couldn't have any for a month that made me want it even more. I kind of have a headache now...

Meal 3

Taco salad!

Tomorrow I go back to eating whole30 for two days and then onto reintro of legumes! I'm thinking peanut butter and hummus and black beans, oh my!

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