Wednesday, September 2, 2015

W30 day 27

Only three more days, then a victory glass of wine and some slow re-introduction. After that, I'm going to do another whole30. Why? Because I feel fantastic and I'm motivated to eat well so that I can keep my inflammation down and lose more weight. Next time I think I will take my measurements, because I am not sure how much I shed, but it definitely shows in my face. So much of looking and feeling better is down to less bloating which might not show up on the scales.

Meal 1

Egg pie made by husband with avocado and nectarine. There is like a two week window every year when nectarines reach their flavour zenith. Yeah, it's this week.

Meal 2

Leftovers fun! Kofta and last nights salsa chicken and veggies with salad and tahini sauce. So delish!

Meal 3

Salad, broccoli, roasted potato wedges and Italian sausages with kimchi. Amazeballs.

Part of my re-introduction goals include mindful eating/drinking. We still sometimes have our dinner in front of the tv, but recently started watching Dexter which puts me off food. All in all there is 90% no snacking, and about 30% TV dinner. Used to be 100% snacking through the day and 85% TV dinner. Winning! Another part of mindful drinking is the social aspect of it. I vow never to drink alone again, nor do I ever want to have a hangover again. To celebrate, I will drink wine at a picnic I am organizing on Sunday, with compliant food. Hopefully I can find a low nitrate wine so I can have a better idea of what may cause reactions.

I'm proud of myself for coming this far! 

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