Tuesday, December 8, 2009

fun with leftovers

Sometimes I wish I had the time to cook but I don't. Sometimes I can't be bothered to cook at all. And then I remember that I am hungry so I check the freezer. Hooray! Frozen leftover time! By making extra batches of pasta sauce you can have a very good meal in no time at all. I like to freeze tofu dishes, as the tofu gets super spongy once frozen and thawed. The texture is great in curries and sauces.

So here is some tofu veggie pasta sauce jazzed up with some frozen veg and quickly fried in a wee bit of olive oil. So good and so quick!

To make freezer food more exciting, it's best to pair it with something fresh. We found this delicious fresh flatbread crust and I embellished it with a mix of butter, minced garlic, olive oil and pesto and slices of dying zucchini on top.

Gourmet garlic bread I tells ya.

It never hurts to include salad and wine with almost every meal.


  1. Everything looks delicious, but the zucchini flatbead really turned me on!

  2. yes! the zucchini flatbread is a winner.