Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beginnings of Holiday Food and Festivities

Back in my Ontarian homeland for the holidays, I have less time to cook but it seems like I am always eating. So much festive food happening all around. I can't wait until Christmas and my matante's famous carrot comes but once a year.

In the meantime, I satisfied my guilty urges for the seafood lover in me. I've heard that the food at the red crustacean comes pre-cooked and heated on massive conveyor belts but I don't care, I still crave it and eat it at least once a year.

North Pacific King Crab, mighty delicious sea creature, come to me!

Gratuitous macro money shot. Keep your moaning to a minimum, there are children around.

Still hooked on the seafood vibe, my bro and I went to Umai Sushi a couple days later.

Sunomono salad.

Then holiday parties started happening...

Merry merry!

With parties come munchies. This pizza was inhaled in under 5 minutes, thank god there was another one.

Post-party all day breakfast and satisfied smiles all around!

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