Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holiday Food Recap 2011

Welcome to 2012! Last year certainly was delicious, wasn't it? This year I resolve to grab my camera and take the time to photograph more meal-making. Either that or find a way to acquire a fancy smart phone so I can upload photos more easily to the blog.

Here's a look at all the yummy food I made and ate over the holidays.

New year's eve appetizer. Malpeque oysters with a white onion mignonette and some bubbly.

New year's eve dinner. Drake Qwacker the Third got roasted up with some baby potatoes and organic carrots. I am such a non-vegetarian now.

Sushi with my oldest friends. That is some mighty futomaki!

My hometown sushi joint is expanding into the realm of Korean food. Some spicy soup with kimchi. It was pretty awesome.

My lovely cousin made these gingerbread cookies.

My grandma's petes de soeurs (nun's farts) and some "Davy Crockets" AKA peanut butter balls.

Made some veggie curry for my family on a whim. No biggie. Thanks Patak's paste, you make me an adequate Indian cook.

Here is the first attempt at making pho, from scratch, including boiling bones for beef broth. Not bad, not bad. One step closer to recruiting a broth whisperer to make me bases for my soups.

Highlights of the holidays included:
-making pho for the first time
-having a dinner party with my parents
-my dad's emotional cosmo drinking
-adding the adjective "christmas" to every action or thought, such as "christmas annoyance", and "christmas tension"
-looking at ducks
-eating ducks
-roasting a duck for the first time

I hope that the holidays left you with some warm and fuzzy memories. Now it's get back to work time, and I will be posting the epic pho times very soon!

Bonne Année! xo


  1. It all looks so scrumptious! Glad to have played a role in some of it......xo

  2. deadly decadent ill come by for oysters anytime!

  3. raymi, i would be humbled to have you as a guest in montreal anytime! :)

  4. Can you post the recipe for those peanut-butter balls?

    1. 1 cup smooth peanut butter
      1 cup icing sugar
      1 tbsp butter/margarine

      4 1ounce squares of semi sweet chocolate
      2 tbsp grated paraffin wax

      Measure first 3 ingredients into bowl. With your hands, mix together well. Shape into 1 inch balls. Chill for 2-3 hours.

      Melt chocolate squares and wax together. Dip chilled balls to coat, drain and place on waxed paper to set. Makes 4 1/2 - 5 dozen.

      **the wax seals the chocolate so they don't melt in your fingers, it also makes them shiny.

      Enjoy. :)