Monday, January 25, 2010

Beautiful Borscht

I was inspired to try making borscht when I was served some at the People's Potato the other week. If you live in Montreal and you haven't been for a cheap (or free) meal at Concordia's vegan soup kitchen, then I suggest you go there immediately. Hall building, 7th floor. Bring your own tupperware and you'll get served even faster.

So the borscht was so lovely, flavourful and delicious that I attempted my own version.

These guys got thinly chopped.

Ginger is not a typical ingredient in borscht but what the hell, it can't hurt.

Beet blood knife residue turned my garlic all pink.

I threw some cabbage in for fun.

Here it is, frying in olive oil.

I added half a can of leftover crushed tomatoes...again not typically included in borscht but they are red and yummy so they might blend in? Don't forget copious amounts of chopped fresh dill. That makes it real borscht-like. I used vegetarian beef broth, and a dash of red wine vinegar for tang.

Voila! Borscht time! It got redder and deeper in colour as the days went by.