Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome to Think About Food

Thinking about what I am going to make for my next meal occupies more brain space than I would care to admit. But admit it I will, because I love food. Thinking about it, cooking it, shopping for it, eating it, sharing it. Food is wonderful. Some people eat to live but I definitely live to eat.

Without further delay...let's get to the good stuff! On with the first blog post: Thankgiving: Halifax edition.

Getting the Goods:

We picked up some items for our feast at Pete's Frootique where I had a melancholy homesickness flashback attack upon spying all kinds of treats imported from the UK.

The famous Tunnock's tea cakes. Check out the retro packaging! Established 1890, impressive. The Scots know their biscuits (cookies) and do them well. My maiden voyage with these babies took place in my first teaching placement at St-Andrew's Secondary in Clydebank. Friday was tea cake day and we'd eat them at break time. So not vegetarian friendly...the dome is filled with a marshmallow type substance not unlike Kraft Marshmallow Fluff. The fluff sits atop a graham cookie and the whole thing is covered in milk chocolate. Think Viva Puffs but sweeter and stickier.

I love Wine Gums and all the sweets made by Maynard's. Again, not vegetarian friendly...thank you cows for your delicious gelatine! These are a trigger food for me. I limit myself to the rolls rather than keeping a bag in the house otherwise they're gone in a day.
Minstrels! Giant Brown Smarties! Enough said.

I wish these oatcakes were easier to come by in Canadia. They were such a go-to snack for me...delish with peanut butter. What do you put on your oatcakes?

The following morning we woke up at an ungodly hour and squished through the local market throngs of turkey buyers to get the rest of our ingredients.

Haligonian Thanksgiving Feast:
Organic Greens with a Sesame Miso Dressing
Mashed Root Veg

Vegetarian Stuffing

Citrus Roasted Carrots and Beets with Honey Goat Cheese
Steamed Beet Greens and Brussel Sprouts

Whole Baked Rainbow Trout Stuffed with Fresh Herbs and Citrus
Pan Seared Swordfish with a Ginger Lime Glaze
Baked Salmon with Dijon and Maple Syrup

Vegan Chocolate Ginger Pumpkin Bread


Local beer: Propeller Bitter. Local fizz: Apple Cider.

Local juice: Mulled Apple and Pear Cider.

Tucking in! My sister's friends also joined in the feast. They brought delicious homemade tofu turkey slices and an amazing apple pear crisp with amaranth.
As Sarah Harmer sings, "It's perfectly suited/this uniform grey...". Awesome typical Maritime weather. Reminds me of living in the UK. I am thankful for that experience because I feel perfectly at home and cozy in the rain now. I'm down with your rainy town.

Thanks for the good food, friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mad photography skills by the fabulous Mr. Kevin Gay. Thanks Kev-Dawg!

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  1. Amazing photos, good times.
    What an exciting blog idea, can't wait to see more.