Monday, April 2, 2012


I like to talk about food with people, especially to find out about restaurants I should check out. Many references are often made about Milos, and how it's the best greek restaurant in Montreal. I decided to put this claim to the test. I don't really have a true reference point, not having ever been to Greece, but in my mind I pictured fresh and simply prepared food with lashings of olive oil. And that's pretty much what I got. I was transported to Adriatic bliss without even leaving my neighbourhood.

Freshly toasted bread and their own brand of olive oil. The charred crunchiness contrasted beautifully with the fresh and bright taste of the oil.

Debating whether to pay ten bucks for a glass of wine, or a ten dollar supplement to have grilled octopus, it really was no question. This was so worth it! The octopus was really very tender with a nice meaty charcoal bite. 

Cristal started with the classic tomato and feta salad. 

Olga had a double barreled salmon meal. Her starter--smoked Atlantic salmon.

Freshly grilled tsipoura fish...flown in from Greece. Not eco-friendly but tasty nonetheless.

A giant bouquet of fresh flowers. Classy! 

A classy and unassuming facade. It matched the food: simple, fresh, clean and delicious. What was also fun was that the atmosphere and the clientele were unlike any other Montreal restaurants. My friends and I wondered where all these sophisticated people came from. Milos is a great excuse to get dressed up and eat some really fantastic food.

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