Saturday, February 13, 2010

Asian Inspiration

There has been a lot of Asian style cooking going on in my kitchen these days...This inspiration came after a visit to the Asian supermarket on the south was all very exciting because I had a knowledgeable companion with me and as a result I bought a lot of stuff I've never tried before.
I made mung bean noodle salad twice in one good I had to have it again!

The noodle package in question.

Noodles: soak them in cold water for 10 minutes, then simmer them in miso broth...

Probably talking about food...

While drinking some beer...

These oyster mushrooms changed my life.

Stirfried pea greens and choi sum with mushrooms in oyster sauce.

To top it all off...we even went out for Chinese in CDN. Check it out, it's called Lao Beijing. 7$ for a lunch special!
Chinese eggplant stirfry with sweet and spicy sauce.

Ma Po tofu...ate around the meat chunks...

Decided to soak some beans around 3am after a big night...woke up to find the beans soaking unexpectedly...and discovered I even captured this in a photo at the sepia no less. A late night moment of lucidity.

Lookout view.
Oratoire St-Joseph through the trees at Lac aux Castors.

Skating at my local park.

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  1. Oh my god, lia, the picture of the stirfried pea greens and choi sum with mushrooms in oyster sauce might well be the most mouth watering picture on this blog to date.
    I am seriously considering a trip to the malaysian-asian on st george's road, just because.
    but I am lazy, it's nearly midnight and I shouldn't be eating so late. so I am probably relatively safe.
    but if not ... it's all your fault!