Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crunch Time

It's been uber busy around here lately. No, no, nothing exciting mind you. Just spending lots of time with these guys.
Yep, I've read all of them.

What do winners eat?

Brain food of champions. Ground flax and hemp and maple syrup oh my! I need a foolproof recipe for the old pancacos, any suggestions? These were a bit tasteless and rubbery.

Don't forget to make a giant pancake with the leftover batter.

Have a go at flipping the pancake. Julia Child would no doubt be impressed with that angle on the pan. Well done Rocky!

"I did it!"

Once said pancake is flipped and cooked, realize that the pancake has a FACE. Draw it in with a Sharpie pen.

Surprise your room mate by throwing the still warm pancake at her, frisbee style. Enjoy some recreational sports in the kitchen for 5 to 10 minutes.

Go back to doing this.

Eat some more brain food.

I've got 10 lbs of beautiful beets in my fridge, running out of things to do with them! I am going to attempt a chocolate-beet cake at the weekend, stay tuned! It's back to work for me now...


  1. i don't know if chocolate and beets go together, dude. honour chocolate. don't mix it with shit.

  2. the cake was a complete success. oddly enough, there was no detectable beet taste whatsoever. but you do get a very moist, rich cake. try it!